Depression is often the result of going through tough things alone and not getting resolution. It can come from many different sources like grief and loss. Or not knowing how to resolve the hurt and pain caused by the people you love. It could be from unresolved trauma or abuse. It could be hormonal (ugh! hormones!) for women dealing with pms, pregnancy or after childbirth). It could be anger turned inward. It could be a medical issue. These are just a few examples of what could be triggering your depression.

Imagine a thermometer measuring what level of depression you are experiencing. On the low end, you could be feeling blue, or a little bit down. As it moves up, you could have circumstances that make you feel sad and depressed. Further up, growing up in a family that is detached emotionally where there are unwritten rules like, “Don’t Talk, Don’t Trust, and Don’t Feel”. Higher up on the thermometer, you may be depressed because of broken relationships or even abuse. Depression affects your ability to think clearly, work becomes a chore, and energy is low. Relationships become more difficult. This could be connected to lack of resolution in relationships, broken relations or even abuse. At the top of this thermometer is despair and hopelessness. Where are you on that thermometer?

The Lord says in His Word, that He is near to the broken hearted. (Psalm 34:18). He says in Psalm 34:17, that He hears your cry and will deliver you from all your troubles. Matthew 5:4 describes the blessing that comes from comfort when you are grieving. Where do you go to get comfort? He is there waiting for you. Ask Him to talk to you. Ask Him to comfort you. God talks to us and comforts us through dreams, His Word (the Bible), other people, animals, nature, sources on the internet etc. If you can’t recognize Him, then ask Him to help you. He is faithful to do so.

Pray about it and be curious about yourself as to what is going on. Having a therapist to talk to is a good place to start moving you out of this dark place. There is hope!

I pray the Lord will direct your path. ~Jane Head~